Spanish Guitar Scales

Spanish Guitar Scales

Spanish guitar scales are used by classical composers, flamenco guitarists and rock and jazz guitarists who wish to give their music a Spanish feel. These scales can sound very effective in many musical situations, and make a refreshing change to pentatonic and blues scales!

In this article we’ll be looking at three scales that are commonly used in Spanish and Latin music: the Spanish Gypsy scale, the Phrygian modal scale and the harmonic minor scale.

The scales are shown as diagrams and in notation with tab. Play them on your own guitar to compare their different sounds.

  • If you are interested in learning Spanish guitar, visit this page: Learning Classical Guitar. It contains useful information, plus some inspiring videos of some of the great classical guitarists.

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One characteristic of many Spanish guitar scales is the semitone interval between the first and second notes. This is often used in traditional Spanish music. The first two scales shown below demonstrate this feature.

In the fret diagrams below, the blue notes are the root notes of the scale.

Click on the links below to see other ways of playing the scales in different positions.

Spanish Guitar Scales – The Spanish Gypsy Guitar Scale

Spanish Guitar Scale - The Spanish Gypsy Scale

Spanish Guitar Scale – The Spanish Gypsy Scale

The Spanish Gypsy guitar scale is widely used in Spanish music. It has an Eastern sound, and reflects the Moorish influence on Spain.

This scale is also known as the Phrygian Dominant, Freygish or Jewish scale. It can also be thought of as the fifth mode of a standard harmonic minor scale. It is shown in notation and TAB below:

Spanish Guitar Scales - Spanish Gypsy Scale TAB

Spanish Guitar Scales – C Spanish Gypsy Scale TAB

Guitar Scales Chart

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Spanish Guitar Scales – Phrygian Modal Scale

Spanish Guitar Scales Phrygian Diagram

Spanish Guitar Scales – Phrygian Modal Scale Diagram

The Phrygian modal scale is another scale used in Spanish music, and is often used in improvisation when a Spanish sound is desired. It is the third mode of a major scale. (See Guitar Modes and Phrygian Scale Guitar for more information).

The Phrygian modal scale is shown below in TAB & notation:

Spanish Guitar Scales - Phrygian Modal Scale TAB

Spanish Guitar Scales – C Phrygian Modal Scale TAB

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Spanish Guitar Scales – Harmonic Minor Scale

Spanish Guitar Scales Harmonic Minor Diagram

Spanish Guitar Scales Harmonic Minor Diagram

Another scale widely used in Spanish music is the harmonic minor scale. Although not strictly a Spanish guitar scale (it is used in many forms of music), the harmonic minor scale is often used in flamenco improvisation.

For more information on this scale, see: Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar. TAB for this scale is shown below:

Spanish Guitar Scales - Harmonic Minor TAB in C

Spanish Guitar Scales – C Harmonic Minor TAB

Spanish Guitar Scales Conclusion

Although there are many other scales in use in Spanish guitar music, the three scales shown above are very widely used in flamenco and traditional music of the region. Incorporate them in your playing to give your music an instant Spanish or Latin sound.

The guitar has long been associated with Spain, and is the Spanish national instrument. The origins of the modern guitar in all of its shapes and forms can be traced back to early fretted instruments played in the region.

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5 thoughts on “Spanish Guitar Scales

  1. amichai

    Great improv tool for beginners to bulerias…
    Mix it up with some jazz modes…fun for hours!!
    I may have my future students check this out for building
    Solid falsettas…thanks!!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sam,

      The blue notes are the root notes of the scale. The scale patterns can be used to play the same scale with any root note.
      For example, if you want to play a C harmonic minor, play the harmonic minor shape so that the blue notes are over a C on the fretboard.
      To play a D harmonic minor, play the same scale pattern 2 frets higher up, so that the blue notes are on D notes on the fretboard.


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