How To Overcome Stage Fright: Practical Tips For Performance Anxiety

Les Paul Guitar Zoom Effect

Stage fright is a primitive physical response to a frightening situation. Your stone-age ancestor felt the same rush of adrenaline, the same crippling anxiety, trembling and shortness of breath when confronted by a saber-tooth tiger.

The stone-age you would have used this adrenaline burst either to slay the saber-tooth tiger or to run away.

When you're a guitarist confronting an audience, those options aren't appropriate (however tempting), so how do you channel your flood of adrenaline productively?

In this article, we suggest practical tips on how to overcome stage fright, ranging from breathing exercises to eating a banana (really).

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Best Genesis Albums Ranked & Reviewed By Long-Time Fan

Best Genesis Albums Ranked

Over the course of their multi-decade spanning career, Genesis released fifteen studio albums, as well as numerous live and compilation albums.

Known both as progressive rock titans and as chart-topping, stadium-filling pop-rockers, the band Genesis means many different things to many different types of music fans.

In this article, we delve into the band’s studio recordings, ranking and reviewing the top ten best Genesis albums. We also provide a detailed list of the group’s entire studio discography.

Whether you’re new to Genesis, or a seasoned fan wishing to compare our rankings with your own, read on to explore some of the most exciting, innovative and moving music ever made…

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