Guitar Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing Tracks by Guitar Command – created to improve and inspire your lead guitar playing. Used by thousands of guitarists all around the world.

• Improve your lead playing – experiment with new techniques, scales and arpeggios
• Practice and perform whenever and wherever you want
• Make the most of your practice time & become a better guitarist
• MP3 Downloads – suitable for all MP3 players

All of our high-quality MP3 guitar backing tracks albums are available for immediate download. Also available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other online stores.

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Blues Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing Tracks Blues

Guitar Backing Tracks: Blues – Click for details

Our best selling guitar backing tracks album. Play great blues solos over these authentic blues backing tracks. Enjoy the experience of performing with a pro backing band and use the tracks to practice and improve your licks.

Find out more and listen to audio samples by clicking here: Blues Backing Tracks.

Late Night Blues Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing Tracks Late Night Blues

Late Night Blues Backing Tracks Album – Click For Details

Perform your best blues licks over laid-back guitar backing tracks with a late night feel. Take your place as the lead guitarist in a pro blues band that is always ready to play. Improvise in the style of the blues masters with Guitar Command’s latest blues collection.

More info and individual track samples: Late Night Blues Backing Tracks For Guitar.

Metal Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing Tracks Metal

Metal Backing Tracks – Click image for details

Practice lead guitar with these inspiring metal backing tracks. Increase your speed, perfect your picking technique and impress your audience. 12 exciting metal jam tracks in authentic tempos and keys.

Faithfully researched, written and recorded by metal fans, for metal fans. Play along to individual track samples and find out more here: Metal Backing Tracks.

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks – Click For Details

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks, specially written to help you learn and master the most commonly used guitar scales. Improve your knowledge of the fretboard and perform some great solos while doing so. Each track is suitable for improvisation using a particular scale.

More info & track samples: Guitar Scales Backing Tracks.

Guitar Modes Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing Tracks Modes

Guitar Modes Backing Tracks: Click image for details.

It’s time to get serious about your lead playing. Whether you play metal, rock, fusion or jazz, your solos will benefit from the introduction of modal sounds. Familiarise yourself with modal scales in a musical setting. Learn to access modal scales wherever you are on the neck. This album features backing tracks for all of the major modes. 10 great backing tracks, plus 2 extra tracks featuring demonstration guitar solos.

Find out more here: Guitar Modes Backing Tracks.

Blues Funk Guitar Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing Tracks Blues Funk

Blues Funk Backing Tracks

Get your foot tapping with these cool blues-funk backing tracks. Includes YouTube hits that have inspired many thousands of guitarists. The tracks feature riffs, build-ups and break-downs to provide a realistic jamming experience.

Find out more here: Blues Funk Backing Tracks.

About Guitar Command Guitar Backing Tracks

Guitar Command Guitar Backing Tracks are specially recorded and produced so that your lead guitar will sit perfectly in the mix. Each style of music is thoroughly researched and the tracks are faithful to famous songs of the genre.

Guitar Command albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other respected online distributors. Download now and be playing within minutes!