Bb Major 6/9 Guitar Chord TAB, Diagram & Example Progression

Bb Major 6-9 Guitar Chord Diagram

Today’s featured chord is a bright-sounding major 6/9 chord. You can play it instead of a standard major chord to give your chord progressions a beautiful, Django Reinhardt-style gypsy jazz sound.

We've provided an example chord progression for you to play, so you can try out the chord in context. (You can listen to this progression being played below.)

A word of warning: this 6/9 shape isn’t a particularly easy chord to play, and if you’re not used to playing complex jazz chords, you may find it quite challenging at first!

Try this Bb 6/9 chord for yourself – if you like it, use it in your own songs!

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Chords In A Minor: Am Key Chords For Songwriters & Composers

Chords In Key Of A Minor

On this page is a complete guide to the chords in A minor. Example guitar chords for playing and / or writing music in the key of A minor are also provided.

Being aware of all of the available chords in A minor is useful if you’re writing music in this key. You can use this page as a reference, or inspiration if you want to find some new sounds in the key of A minor...

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