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You've learned the scales … now use them with specially-produced backing tracks!

From Guitar Command Guitar Backing Tracks

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks MP3 download album. Improve your knowledge of guitar scales and master the fretboard. Develop your lead guitar playing with pentatonic minor, blues, Dorian modal, harmonic minor and other essential guitar scales.

We created this album specifically to aid guitarists to learn and improvise with scales.

Each track has been written to enable you to solo using a particular scale.

Explore the fretboard. Find new sounds. Make the most of your practice time.

Over 40 minutes of high-quality backing tracks.

• Learn guitar scales faster by using them to create solos.

• Enjoy your guitar practice while improving your knowledge of guitar scales.

• Play with a pro band that is ready to jam 24/7

Listen To Sample Tracks

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks is supplied in high-quality MP3 format, playable on any popular media player or device (including iPods, iPads, iPhones, Windows media player, any portable MP3 player, etc.)

Track List

  1. Cool Blues (Improvise With G Blues Scale)
  2. Fusion Jam (Improvise With D Dorian Modal Scale)
  3. Alt Rock Jam (Improvise With F Pentatonic Minor Scale)
  4. Shoegazer (Improvise With D Major Scale)
  5. Latin Groove (Improvise With A Harmonic Minor Scale)
  6. Celtic Rock (Improvise With G Mixolydian Modal Scale)
  7. Spanish Journey (Improvise With E Phrygian Dominant Scale)
  8. Country Soul (Improvise With A Pentatonic Major Scale)
  9. 80s Rock Jam (Improvise With E Natural Minor Scale)
  10. Folk Rock (Improvise With C Dorian Modal Scale)

Learn scales and master the fretboard: download Guitar Scales Backing Tracks today!

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