Bass Backing Tracks Blues: Authentic Blues Jam Tracks For Bass Guitar

Bass Backing Tracks: Blues features ten authentic blues bass backing tracks for practice and performance. Invent your own bass lines and improvise bass solos.

Blues Jam Tracks For Bass Guitar: Invent Bass Lines & Improvise Solos

A Guitar Command Bass Backing Tracks album.

Use these blues bass backing tracks to improve your bass playing. Hone your technique and create new lines and licks.

This backing band is available 24/7 and never gets tired of playing great authentic blues numbers!

Improve your musicianship by playing in a variety of keys and styles.

  • Improve your blues playing
  • Invent your own bass lines
  • 12 bar blues and other blues progressions in a variety of keys
  • Improvise bass solos
  • Try out new techniques
  • Enjoy playing with a pro blues band that never sleeps!

Sample Track "Road Blues"

Play along with "Road Blues", a track from Bass Backing Tracks: Blues. Over 140,000 views on YouTube!

Bass Backing Tracks: Blues is supplied in high-quality MP3 format and is playable on any MP3-compatible device or software media player (including phones and tablets, Windows media player, iTunes, portable MP3 players, etc.)

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