Bb Major 6/9 Guitar Chord TAB, Diagram & Example Progression

Bb Major 6-9 Guitar Chord Diagram

Today’s featured chord is a bright-sounding major 6/9 chord. You can play it instead of a standard major chord to give your chord progressions a beautiful, Django Reinhardt-style gypsy jazz sound.

We've provided an example chord progression for you to play, so you can try out the chord in context. (You can listen to this progression being played below.)

A word of warning: this 6/9 shape isn’t a particularly easy chord to play, and if you’re not used to playing complex jazz chords, you may find it quite challenging at first!

Try this Bb 6/9 chord for yourself – if you like it, use it in your own songs!

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Minor 7 Guitar Chord

minor 7 guitar chord barre 5th string root

This week's Guitar Chord Of The Week is a nice and simple minor 7 chord shape. It's a versatile chord, and can be used in all styles of music.

If you already know this chord, try the example chord progression at the end of this page: it contains some other nice chords, including a dominant 11 shape that may take some getting used to!

Minor 7 Guitar Chord - Root On 5th String

Minor 7 Guitar Chord Diagram
Minor 7 Guitar Chord Diagram

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Sus2 Guitar Chord

Want to learn a new guitar chord that sounds awesome and is easy to play? Try this sus2 guitar chord shape, and see how it can spice up tired old chord progressions. It's also a very inspiring chord to use when writing new songs. Let's get started!

Sus2 Guitar Chord Diagram
Sus2 Guitar Chord Diagram. Root notes are blue.

Here's a photo of the sus2 chord being played:

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Guitar Chord Of The Week 7sharp9

This week's Guitar Chord Of The Week is a 7sharp9 shape.

7sharp9 Guitar Chord
7sharp9 Guitar Chord (the 4th string isn't sounded)

At its heart is a simple dominant 7th chord, but with the added sharp 9 it sounds instantly 'hip'. It's a very jazzy-sounding chord, and one you can use to give standard chord progressions a jazz sound.

Let's learn more about this cool chord...

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Big Minor 11th Guitar Chord

This week's Guitar Chord Of The Week is a nice, big, open-sounding, minor 11th chord. It has quite an ambiguous sound, and is very effective in slow moving chord progressions.

'Big' Minor 11th Chord Diagram

Guitar Chord Of The Week Big Minor 11th
Guitar Chord Of The Week: Big Minor 11th

Try the chord to hear how it sounds, then continue reading to learn more about it. An example chord progression is included, so you can hear the chord in context...

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Jazz Dominant 7 Chord Guitar

Guitar Chord Of The Week

Guitar Chord Of The Week
Guitar Chord Of The Week

Welcome to another series of Guitar Chord Of The Week.

In this series we are going to explore a wide range of chord shapes, all of which go beyond the basic guitar chords that most guitarists know.

The chords that we are going to look at can be used in a wide range of musical styles, so whether you're a shredder or a jazzer there will be something here for you.

So, without further ado, let's introduce this week's chord...

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