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C Chord Guitar Finger Position Charts, Diagrams & Photos. How To Play C Major Chord On Guitar.

C chord guitar finger position charts, diagrams, photos and information. Everything you need to play a C major chord on your guitar.

We’ll show you a basic C chord shape, as well as barre chord shapes. Further down the page we’ll also explain what a C chord actually is, and look at the notes it contains.

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minor 7 guitar chord barre 5th string root

Minor 7 Guitar Chord

This week’s Guitar Chord Of The Week is a nice and simple minor 7 chord shape. It’s a versatile chord, and can be used in all styles of music.

If you already know this chord, try the example chord progression at the end of this page: it contains some other nice chords, including a dominant 11 shape that may take some getting used to!

Minor 7 Guitar Chord – Root On 5th String

Minor 7 Guitar Chord Diagram

Minor 7 Guitar Chord Diagram

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Sus2 Guitar Chord

Want to learn a new guitar chord that sounds awesome and is easy to play? Try this sus2 guitar chord shape, and see how it can spice up tired old chord progressions. It’s also a very inspiring chord to use when writing new songs. Let’s get started!

Sus2 Guitar Chord Diagram

Sus2 Guitar Chord Diagram. Root notes are blue.

Here’s a photo of the sus2 chord being played:
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