Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners: Learn To Play Guitar In Two Months

Learn to play guitar with our free guitar course! Whether you want to play acoustic or electric, folk or metal, in this eight-part series of free guitar lessons for beginners you'll find hints, tips and advice to get you started.

You'll soon be playing your first chords, melodies and songs!

The guitar is a great instrument to learn: you can learn the basics very quickly; it's a relatively cheap instrument to buy; it's quiet enough to practice without disturbing your neighbors; and it's hugely versatile.

Learn To Play Guitar In Two Months: Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners

This page is the introduction to our series of free guitar lessons for beginners. If you start now and work hard then in two month's time you'll be able to play the chords and melodies of many of your favorite songs.

From there, you can build on your technique and take your playing in any direction you want!

Excited? So are we! Let's get started ...

Two Month Beginner Guitar Course

Below you'll find out what is covered in each lesson. There's also a brief guide to getting started.

Acoustic Guitar
Learn to play guitar: these free guitar lessons will show you how to play either an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Learn To Play Guitar In 2 Months?!?

Okay, you're (probably) not going to be Django Reinhardt, Tommy Emmanuel or Steve Vai after two months, but you should be able to play notes, chords and songs. From there there's nothing stopping you reaching the very top of your field!

Even if you start with just a few simple chords, over the months and years your musical journey can take in anything from Bach to metal. You'll be able to wow your existing friends by playing (and writing) songs, and make new ones by playing in bands and ensembles.

You could even become a rock star!

What Kind Of Guitar To Use?

This series of beginner guitar lessons has been designed for acoustic and electric guitars.

You can find out more about the different kinds of guitar in this article: Types Of Guitar.

Although there's nothing stopping you from using a classical guitar (which have nylon, rather than metal strings), the lessons below won't be covering classical guitar technique. Our course is more concerned with pop/rock styles.

If your eventual aim is to play classical guitar then the information in these lessons will still be helpful: the notes are in the same places, and the basics are the same.

Learn To Play Guitar In Two Months - The Course

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 0: Guitar Basics

Guitar Basics
Guitar Basics

Our Guitar Basics lesson provides an excellent introduction to the guitar and guitar playing techniques. We suggest that you have a quick look to get you up to speed.

Once you've learned the basics, it's time to get down to business…

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 1: Tuning A Guitar & Holding A Guitar Pick

These lessons will tell you: the guitar string notes, how to tune a guitar and how to hold a guitar pick.

You'll need to know how to tune a guitar. An out of tune instrument will sound pretty awful even in the hands of an expert!

Luckily, this is a quick and easy skill to master (especially using an electronic tuner, which we recommend). Click on the link below to get started!

standard guitar tuning
Tuning the guitar is a vital skill to learn; click the image to find out how it's done!

Holding A Pick
Learn how to hold a pick.

You could spend a week absorbing the information in these lessons, but you'll probably be eager to start playing some music, in which case head for lesson 2…

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 2: Simple Guitar Chords

Simple Guitar Chords

In this lesson you will be introduced to guitar chords. Chords are played to accompany songs and melodies. This lesson shows you how to how to interpret guitar chord boxes, and introduces two easy-to-play chords to get you started.

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 3: Strumming Patterns For Guitar

Bring your chords to life with these strumming patterns for guitar. Learn the basics of rhythm guitar playing and practice with example chord progressions.

Strumming Patterns For Guitar 1

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 4: How To Read TABs

Tablature (or 'tab') is easier to learn than standard music notation and is a great way of learning new music.

C Major Scale Guitar TABs
C Major Scale Guitar TAB

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 5: How To Read Music For Guitar

Once you have mastered reading TAB, it's time to learn the basics of musical notation. Includes popular melodies to play.

How To Read Music For Guitar Lesson
How To Read Music For Guitar Lesson

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 6: Easy Guitar Solos

In introduction to improvising on the guitar. Learn guitar scales and try out some solos over the included backing tracks.

Easy Guitar Solos - ES-175
Easy Guitar Solos

Learn how to improvise: Easy Guitar Solos

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 7: Guitar Barre Chords

Learn how to play easy bar chords. Use movable chord shapes and play any chord!

Easy Barre Chords
Easy Barre Chords

Free Beginner Guitar Lessons - Week 8: Easy Guitar Riffs

In the eighth and final part of our Learn Guitar In Two Months series, we show you how to use two simple guitar techniques to write your own guitar riffs.

Easy Guitar Riffs
Easy Guitar Riffs Using Power Chords & Arpeggios

Over To You...

Well, you made it! How are the fingers? Not too sore we hope!

In this series of free guitar lessons for beginners we've provided you with everything you need to know to get started on this versatile instrument.

Now you know the basics of guitar playing the world is your oyster. Keep a regular practice routine and try to play with other musicians – and in front of other people – whenever you can. Don't keep your new skills to yourself!

  • If you want to learn guitar even faster then check out online tuition providers such as JamPlay for online lessons.

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