Free Guitar Backing Tracks

Free guitar backing tracks to jam along to. The key of each track is given along with suggestions for the scales that could be used in your improvisation. See our Guitar Scales reference page for scale shapes and information. We are continually adding new tracks to this page, so please do bookmark and come again soon. All of these tracks are available to download from our Guitar Backing Tracks page and also from Guitar Command Backing Tracks, Amazon, and many other online stores. We hope that you enjoy these free guitar backing tracks … happy jamming!

Free Guitar Backing Tracks – Total Blues

A 12 bar blues in G. Suggested scales for improvisation are G pentatonic minor, G pentatonic major or G blues scales – but you can use any other scales or arpeggios that sound good. ‘Total Blues’ is taken from the Guitar Command album ‘Blues Backing Tracks‘.

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Gypsy Dance – Metal Backing Track In Em

Suggested guitar scales for improvisation include: E pentatonic minor, E blues, E Phrygian modal or E Phrygian dominant scales. ‘Gypsy Dance’ is taken from the Guitar Command album ‘Metal Backing Tracks‘.

Slow Blues Jam In Am

A nice slow blues backing track from the Guitar Command album ‘Blues Funk Backing Tracks‘. Suggested scales for improvisation are A blues scale or A Dorian scale.

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Free Guitar Backing Tracks – Blues Funk In C Minor

Improvise with C pentatonic minor or C blues scales. This track is from the Guitar Command album ‘Blues Funk Backing Tracks‘.

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