Blues Backing Tracks For Guitar: Practice & Perform Blues Solos Over Authentic Blues Jam Tracks

Blues backing tracks for guitar: high-quality play-along jam tracks for practice and performance.

Covering a range of traditional blues styles, Blues Backing Tracks has been created to inspire and improve your playing. It’s the next-best thing to being onstage with a pro blues band! This MP3 album is available for immediate download.

Check out the sample tracks below!

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  • Blues Backing Tracks for guitar is our best-selling backing tracks album
  • Join the thousands of other guitarists who use our backing tracks to improve their playing
  • 10 x high-quality, authentic blues backup tracks
  • Build solos using blues scales, minor and / or major pentatonics, and any other scales or techniques that sound good!
  • Authentic blues styles & progressions
  • Produced to re-create the feel of jamming with a pro blues band.
  • MP3 Download: be playing within minutes!

In case you need any further inspiration, the album contains 2 bonus tracks featuring example solos.

Amazon Reviews For Blues Backing Tracks:

“Had plenty of hours of fun Jamming along to this one…”

“Bottom Line the Tracks work.. You’ll never advance on your playing if you don’t practice with some form of a track, and this is the one works just fine, simple & to the point. Stop Searching and hit the purchase button, get U’r guitar and start playing That’s it. I’m a MAN of few words.“

“Just enough to help out when the band is taking the day off It’s much appreciated! Thanks, ~B“

“I really enjoy jamming to these tracks – good song selection with variety, great sounding band with real players that create a super pocket to slip right into.”

Use Blues Backing Tracks to perform, experiment, and get the most out of your practice time. Download and play today!

Blues Backing Tracks for Guitar:

  1. Blues Club (12 Bar Blues in E)
  2. Perfect Blues (Blues in C)
  3. Total Blues (12 Bar Blues in G)
  4. Minor Blues (12 Bar Blues in Am)
  5. Up Tempo Blues (12 Bar Blues in A)
  6. Road Blues (12 Bar Blues in A)
  7. Slow Blues (12 Bar Blues in G)
  8. Bottle Blues (12 Bar Blues in D)
  9. Voodoo Blues (Blues in G)
  10. Beautiful Despair (12 Bar Blues in G)
  11. Bonus track: Bottle Blues (with example guitar solo)
  12. Bonus track: Beautiful Despair (with example guitar solo)

Blues Backing Tracks is supplied in high-quality MP3 format, and can be played on any popular MP3 media player or compatible device (including nearly all smartphones and tablets, iTunes, Windows media player, portable MP3 players, etc.)

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