Pentatonic Scale Guitar: The Ultimate Guide – Learn & Master Minor Pentatonic Scales On Your Guitar

pentatonic scale guitar patterns

On this page you’ll find a complete guide to learning and using pentatonic scales on guitar. From the basic pentatonic scale guitar fretboard pattern to improvising using minor pentatonic scales all over the guitar neck; once you’ve been through this guide you’ll be a pentatonic scale expert!

Let’s get started…

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How To Play Chords On Guitar

How To Play Chords On Guitar

Learn how to play chords on guitar with this complete guide for beginners.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to strum guitar chords. Audio examples have been provided so that you can hear how the chords sound when being strummed.

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Christmas Guitar Tabs & Chords

christmas guitar tabs

Christmas Guitar TABs, notation, chords and lyrics – all in one book! Give your own recital or use the arrangements to accompany a singer or choir. Play sample pieces below.

• Christmas guitar TABS

• Printable sheet music download

• Fingerstyle arrangements for beginner and intermediate players.

• Notation, Chords & Lyrics are all included.

• 14 famous Christmas songs.

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Beginning Guitar Part 5 : Guitar Amplifiers & Guitar Effects

The electric guitar is a very versatile instrument; by using the guitar’s own controls, the controls on the amplifier and separate electronic effects, the player can create a large variety of sounds. [ad name=”Google Adsense Lge Rec”] Electric Guitar Sound Electric guitars, when plugged straight into an amplifier without any effects, produce a sound that …

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Beginning Guitar Part 4 : Guitar Music Notation

Part 4 of our Beginning Guitar series looks at guitar notation and the differences between the different systems. Guitar Music Notation Many great guitarists do not read music of any type, relying on their ears and improvisation skills to produce their music. However, it’s a very useful ability to have, and most guitarists can follow …

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Beginning Guitar Part 3 : Guitar Playing Techniques

Guitar Playing Techniques – Using A Plectrum Vs Fingerstyle Playing With A Plectrum Plectrums are used for strumming chords, and for playing single-note (when only one note is sounded at a time) riffs and solos. Players such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani use plectrums, using various picking techniques to play very fast passages. Using …

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Beginning Guitar Part 2 : Guitar Strings And Guitar Tuning

Beginning Guitar – Guitar Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings Acoustic guitars are strung with steel strings (often simply called ‘acoustic’ strings on the packet). It’s best to stick with medium or light gauge strings to start with. Very light gauge (the lighter the gauge, the thinner the strings) strings can be easier to play, but can …

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