Boss PN-2 Review

Boss PN-2 Review – Intro

Boss PN-2 review and instruction sheet scans. The Boss PN-2 is a stereo tremolo/pan pedal which was on sale between 1990 and 1995. It was replaced by the TR-2, which is still available. Because the PN-2 was in production for a relatively short amount of time and not one of the more popular effects, it is nowadays quite a sought-after pedal.

Boss PN-2 tremolo pan
Boss PN-2 Review Pic 1

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Pat Metheny Unity Band Review

Pat Metheny Unity Band review by Guitar Command, June 2012. Guitarist Pat Metheny is one of the biggest names in jazz today. His considerable oeuvre includes projects as diverse as a collaboration with minimalist composer Steve Reich and an album of solo compositions written for Metheny’s own custom-made mechanical ‘Orchestrion’. Prior to ‘Unity Band’, Metheny’s …

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JamMan Solo Review

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