The Pick Bag Review

The Pick Bag Turtle Pack
The Pick Bag Turtle Pack

Having a pick slip out of your hand during a performance is highly embarrassing. Even if you manage to keep hold of it you usually have to stop playing to readjust your grip.

It's something that seems to happen during the most important gigs or towards the end of an otherwise perfect take in the studio.

The Pick Bag is a simple invention to prevent this from happening. In this review, we test its effectiveness...

The Pick Bag Review

A Pick Bag is essentially a thin rubber envelope that stretches over a pick, making it less prone to slipping. Pick Bags are reusable and, according to the manufacturer, will last for ten picks each.

In Use

The Pick Bag ReviewA pick installed in a Pick Bag feels slightly wider between the finger and thumb, but not so much that it affects your playing.

Once in place, a Pick Bag holds the pick firmly and provides a reassuring amount of grip.

The standard size Pick Bags should fit over most medium-sized picks. There is a smaller size available for the stubby picks favored by jazz guitarists.


The Pick Bag is a good idea and offers a neat solution to a common problem. If you want a little extra reassurance when playing in a hot club or studio then they are well worth trying.

There are other solutions around – some guitarists pierce holes through their picks, others use tape or various other sticky products. Many picks on the market have grooves or dimples to improve grip.

However, for the gigging and/or recording guitarist The Pick Bag offers a simple way to combat the 'slippery pick' problem.

You can obtain Pick Bags from various retailers and also direct from Wid Musik. Pick Bags come in packs of four, and you can also buy them boxed in larger quantities.

Visit The Pick Bag for more information.

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