Tommy Emmanuel: Music Gone Public

Music Gone Public is the new DVD by acoustic guitar genius Tommy Emmanuel.

One of the true greats of acoustic guitar, Tommy Emmanuel – as well as being a virtuoso player – is also a terrific showman. (Watch the clip below to see what we mean!) Now you can experience his genius in the comfort of your own front room!

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Best Guitarists On YouTube: Discover Amazing Guitar Players Online

Best Guitarists YouTube

Watch the best guitarists YouTube has to offer – and learn how to start your own YouTube channel.

If you want to hear great guitar playing — for free, whenever you want — then YouTube is the place to go.

Yes, there are many other places that guitarists hang out online, but if you want want to listen to, and learn from, great guitarists, then YouTube is king.

It’s also the best place to get your own music out there, and in front of other players and fans.

In this article, we look at some of the best guitarists on YouTube. We’ll also provide tips on how you can start your own YouTube guitar career…

***2018 EDIT: This article has been up for a long time and a lot has happened since it was written. If you have any suggestions for other awesome YouTube guitarists – in any genre – please let us know in the comments below: we’d really appreciate it!***

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How To Record Acoustic Guitar

How To Record Acoustic Guitar
How To Record Acoustic Guitar: A Complete Guide.

The following article provides information, hints and tips on how to record acoustic guitar. It covers microphone types, mic placement, effects, eq, mixing tips and more, giving you everything you need to create professional-sounding acoustic guitar recordings.

Let’s get started…

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Proof Of Light By Mark Wingfield

Mark Wingfield - Proof Of Light
Mark Wingfield – Proof Of Light

British jazz-fusion guitarist Mark Wingfield has recently released a new album entitled ‘Proof Of Light‘.

We’re enjoying the album very much in the Guitar Command office. If you like prog-influenced jazz guitar then it may be right up your street, too.

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Best Bass Players List

Best Bass Players

A list of the best bass players of all time. This list includes some of the best bass guitarists from many different musical styles and eras. It includes bass pioneers, melodic masters and technical giants. Who did we choose? Who did we leave out? Read on to find out…

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