Best Guitar Amp Brands: Famous Manufacturers And Their Classic Amps

Best guitar amp brands

What are the best guitar amp brands? On this page we list the world’s best-known guitar amplifier manufacturers, and highlight classic and affordable models from each company.

Many of the guitar amp brands listed on this page have been making high-quality guitar amplifiers for decades, their products helping to shape the sound of guitar music just as much as the guitars themselves.

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How To Play Metal Guitar: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

how to play metal guitar

How To Play Metal Guitar

Techniques you’ll need to learn to play metal guitar include alternate picking, power chords, right hand string muting, improvisation using scales such as pentatonic minor, blues and natural minor, (and eventually, a number of more advanced techniques). You’ll also need the right gear: generally, a guitar with humbucker pickups and an amp with a good overdriven sound.

On this page is a complete guide on how to play metal guitar, featuring the gear you need and the techniques you need to learn.

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How Much is an Electric Guitar? Beginner To Professional Guitar Prices

How Much Is An Electric Guitar

How Much Is An Electric Guitar?

A new electric guitar can cost anything from $99 to five-figures plus. Expect to pay around $199 to $399 for a good beginner electric guitar; around $400-$799 for an intermediate instrument; and $800-$1,500+ for a dependable, professional-quality recording and gigging guitar. At $1,500 and above, you can expect the highest-quality, high-end instruments.

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Guitar Intonation Adjustment: How To Set Intonation On Electric Guitars

Guitar Intonation Adjustment

Guitar intonation adjustment involves testing the intonation of each string by comparing the fretted 12-fret octave with the harmonic produced at the same fret. If the fretted note is sharp, the string needs to be lengthened; if the fretted note is flat, then the string needs to be shortened.

The way in which the length of the strings is adjusted depends on the type of bridge fitted on your guitar. In our guide to adjusting electric guitar intonation, you’ll find out how to adjust intonation on a range of guitar bridge styles…

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