Best Guitarists Of All Time

Compiling a best guitarists of all time list is clearly an impossible task – music, thankfully, is not like running the 100 metres, in which an exact comparison can be made between athletes present and past – and what makes a great guitarist is purely subjective. What does become apparent when listing the best guitarists …

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Guitar Scales Video

Our YouTube channel, guitarscalesvideo, is now up and running, and we are hoping to provide a wide range of high-quality guitar backing tracks and guitar lessons. Check out our channel page here. Latest Guitar Scales Video The latest video on our channel is a laid-back, funky backing track called ‘Psychedelic Girl’. Play along with the …

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Guitar Practice

If you want to learn the guitar quickly and effectively, you will have to master the art of separating guitar practice from guitar playing. Due to the highly accessible nature of the guitar, it is extremely easy to slip into ‘playing’, rather than ‘practising’ mode. Playing is all very well, but if the aim is …

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar

In this article we aim to answer the oft-asked question 'How long does it take to learn guitar?' We'll give you some idea how long it takes to get good and what you can reasonably expect to achieve on the instrument within certain timeframes.

As you probably guessed, in reality 'How long does it take to learn guitar?' is an impossible question to answer!

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