New Guitar Backing Tracks

Exciting times here at Guitar Command with the arrival of two brand new guitar backing tracks albums ...

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks Album
Guitar Scales Backing Tracks by Guitar Command

First up is an album we've been planning for a while. You can read as much as you like about guitar scales, but unless you're actually improvising with them the knowledge remains theoretical. With these new tracks guitarists will be able to use scales to come up with riffs and solos, and therefore develop a greater understanding of where the shapes fall on the fretboard and how the scales sound. Each track on the album provides a suitable backing for a particular scale, and will allow guitarists to concentrate on that scale, learn it in all positions and to use it with confidence in other situations. There are ten tracks on the album, which is available from this site, from Guitar Scales - Guitar Backing Tracks for Learning and Improvising With Scales - Guitar Command Backing Tracks, Amazon and many other online retailers. For details on how to order, and to play along with sample tracks, see: Guitar Scales Backing Tracks.

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Late Night Blues Backing Tracks

Late Night Blues Backing Tracks Album
Late Night Blues Backing Tracks by Guitar Command

As a follow-up to our popular 'Blues' and 'Blues Funk' guitar backing tracks albums, we now present 'Late Night Blues Backing Tracks'. This album features ten chilled blues tracks. The tracks recreate the feel of playing with a real blues band in a late night blues club, and offer lead guitarists the chance to play some atmospheric and soulful blues guitar. 'Late Night Blues' is available from this site, Guitar Backing Tracks - Late Night Blues - Guitar Command Backing Tracks , Amazon and many other online stores. For More information and to hear sample tracks see: Late Night Blues Backing Tracks.

Bass Backing Tracks News

This month also saw the release of all of our Bass Backing Tracks on iTunes, Amazon and many other stores. Previously available only from this site, the tracks offer bassists the chance to practice and perform bass lines and solos.

We hope that you enjoy using the backing tracks and that you are playing some great solos over them. We love hearing your feed back so let us know if there is a particular style of music you would like us to cover in our next backing tracks releases. Happy playing.

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