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News of a bargain sampler album from MoonJune Records: 7 Hours of awesome progressive & experimental music for $2!

It's easy to become disillusioned with the music business when you see what passes for 'talent' in the mainstream media. The same old faces on the front of magazines, doing the rounds when they've got new 'product' to sell.

However, dig a little deeper and you'll find that there are still musicians experimenting, pushing the boundaries, playing gigs and releasing records to people who actively seek out new and interesting music.

Moonjune Records in New York realize this, and have been actively promoting experimental, progressive and jazz acts since 2001.

Bargain Download

From their site you can download an astounding sampler album: over 7 hours of music for only $2.00. It includes tracks from jazz guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, plus plenty of other extremely talented musicians. The music ranges from prog metal to experimental jazz.

You may not like every track on the album: if you're not used to experimental / progressive music then some of the compositions might seem pretty 'out there'.

However, even if you stumble across just one artist or band that you find interesting, and who might possibly inspire your own music, then it's money well spent.

There is some awesome guitar playing on the sampler: if you like jazz / fusion / experimental playing then it's definitely worth getting hold of.

There are also two other extremely reasonably priced sampler albums to download from the site (via BandCamp).

We should mention that we're not affiliated in any way to Moonjune: we just thought we'd share the offer with our readers. Check it out.

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