Guitar Backing Track Blues Funk Psychedelic Girl

This guitar backing track is a chilled blues / funk number. You can use it to practise your improvisation or even to give a performance. Listen out for a cowbell in the backing track which introduces the synth melody. You could either learn this melody or play around it.

What Guitar Scales To Use?

Use E pentatonic minor or E blues scales to improvise with over this track – or try and find other scales that fit. (An E Phrygian modal scale will also sound good - give it a go!)

Guitar Backing Track - 'Psychedelic Girl'

This track is now available to download as part of our 'Guitar Backing Tracks - Blues / Funk' album - a collection of backing tracks produced for practice and performance purposes to inspire your lead playing. To hear all of the tracks on the album, click here: Blues - Funk Backing Tracks.

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Guitar Scales Blues Backing Tracks

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