Guitar Backing Track Blues Funk in C minor

This is the first video on Guitar Scales' new YouTube channel. This mid-tempo, funky blues guitar backing track will allow for some cool, bluesy improvisation. Listen out for a cowbell in the backing track which introduces the main riff – you could learn this riff or solo in and out of it.

Which Guitar Scales To Use?

The obvious choice would be a C blues scale, and the C pentatonic minor scale can also be used. For some variety, a C natural minor (also called the aeolian modal scale) introduces some different sounds.

Guitar Backing Track - 'Blues Funk in C minor'

You can download this track as part of our 'Blues - Funk' Guitar Backing Tracks album. Click here for details: Blues Funk Backing Tracks. Our backing tracks albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon, and all other good online audio stores.

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Blues Backing Tracks by Guitar Scales

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