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Pro-quality backing tracks designed to help you improve your lead guitar playing.

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These backing tracks will help you improve your lead guitar playing...

  • Get better fast with regular practice over inspiring jam tracks
  • Invent new licks;
  • Try out new ideas and techniques;
  • Practice your scales and modes;
  • Easy to download – simply follow the download link you'll receive.

Albums Included In Bundle Offer:

Guitar Backing Tracks MP3 Download Albums

(Click on album title for more information and to hear sample tracks.)

Sample Track

Sample Track "Total Blues" From Blues Backing Tracks (Now with over 450,000 views on YouTube!)

You can hear more sample tracks by clicking on the album titles in the list above.

Genuine Reviews Of Backing Tracks Albums Included In This Offer:

"I love these backing tracks"

"Late night" is mostly code word for "aeolian or dorian mode". These are all in minor keys in a number of different styles. I like them and they are well done."

"Great backing tracks..."

“Had plenty of hours of fun Jamming along to this one…”

“Bottom Line the Tracks work.. You'll never advance on your playing if you don't practice with some form of a track, and this is the one works just fine, simple & to the point. Stop Searching and hit the purchase button, get U'r guitar and start playing That's it. I'm a MAN of few words."

“Just enough to help out when the band is taking the day off It's much appreciated! Thanks, ~B“

“I really enjoy jamming to these tracks - good song selection with variety, great sounding band with real players that create a super pocket to slip right into.”

Digital download; be jamming within minutes!

  • Improve your lead guitar playing
  • Build experience and confidence improvising over a wide range of musical styles
  • 6 albums! 64 high-quality jam tracks!
  • Includes 4 additional bonus tracks featuring example solos for inspiration
  • MP3 Download albums – be playing within minutes

Buy with confidence – easy download, plus 7 day no-quibble refund policy if you are not completely satisfied. We're guitarists too and we're only happy if you're happy.

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Guitar Backing Tracks Mega Bundle Offer: 6 Albums For Just $47.94 $29.97!

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