Guitar Modes Improvisation Backing Tracks: MP3 Jam Tracks Download

Guitar Modes Backing Tracks MP3 download album. Improvise guitar solos using modal scales.

Learn the sound of each mode on your guitar and use them in your lead improvisation.

Learn & Master Guitar Modes With This Specially-Recorded Backing Tracks Album

Guitar Command began life as a guitar scale reference site. We've always stressed the importance of learning guitar scales because we believe that having a good knowledge of the guitar fretboard is a vital step towards achieving your potential as a lead guitar player.

We created this album specifically to help guitarists learn and improvise with modal scales. Each track was specifically written to enable improvisation using a particular mode.

All of the modes of the major scale have been covered, including Dorian, Mixolydian and Aeolian scales.

In case you need any further inspiration, two bonus tracks featuring example solos have been provided!

Learn the unique character of each of the modes and use their sounds in your own solos!

Guitar Modes Backing Tracks Sample Tracks

Grab your guitar and check out the sample tracks below...

Chord progressions for Guitar Modes Backing Tracks can be found here: Modes Backing Tracks Chord Progressions.

Guitar Modes Backing Tracks is supplied in high-quality MP3 format, and is compatible with any MP3 media player or device.

  • Incorporate modal scales into your lead guitar playing
  • Improve your knowledge and experience of improvising with modal scales
  • 10 tracks and over 45 minutes of high-quality jam tracks
  • Includes two bonus tracks featuring example guitar solos
  • Instant download MP3 album; be playing within minutes!

Improve your modal improvisation – download Guitar Modes Backing Tracks today!

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