Tommy Emmanuel: Music Gone Public

Music Gone Public is the new DVD by acoustic guitar genius Tommy Emmanuel.

One of the true greats of acoustic guitar, Tommy Emmanuel – as well as being a virtuoso player – is also a terrific showman. (Watch the clip below to see what we mean!) Now you can experience his genius in the comfort of your own front room!

If you've ever walked onto a stage without a band to back you up, then you'll know that it's not easy for a solo instrumentalist to keep a crowd entertained for a whole gig. However, Emmanuel is a man who can pull off this difficult task with aplomb. His charm, musical passion, and immense talent make any time spent in his presence a pleasure.

For all those not lucky enough to have seen Emmanuel in the flesh, his new DVD, Music Gone Public, is the next best thing.

Tommy Emmanuel Music Gone Public DVD
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Music Gone Public features selections from three live performances – Center Stage, Live at the Balboa Theatre, and Live & Solo in Pensacola. The DVD also features seven previously unseen performances and collaborations.

See a clip below:

A must not just for Emmanuel fans, but also for lovers of the acoustic guitar, Music Gone Public is available now.

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