Silent Night Chords With Guitar TAB & Lyrics: Free PDF

Silent night chords, guitar tab and lyrics. Silent Night is one of the world's most popular Christmas songs, and it's very easy to play on the guitar.

Below, you'll find guitar chords and TAB for Silent Night in the keys of C and F.

We've also provided a free printable pdf sheet music version of Silent Night – see link below. (There's no need to sign up - just download and get playing!)

Want to play other Christmas songs on your guitar? You can find fingerstyle arrangements of Silent Night and other popular Christmas songs in our downloadable sheet music book, Christmas Carols For Guitar.

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Silent Night Chords

Silent Night Chords In C With Guitar TAB
Silent Night Chords In C With Guitar TAB.

How To Play Silent Night On Guitar

Beginner guitarists should have no problems playing the chords for Silent Night on guitar. The only slightly tricky chord is the F sharp diminished in the seventh bar. However, this chord can be omitted if preferred – just keep on strumming the F chord in its place!

Learn the individual chord shapes first, then practice changing between the chords by playing the whole carol at a slow, steady tempo. Pay particular attention to getting the chord changes as smooth as possible!

A good way to practice changing chords is by playing along to a metronome. Gradually increase the tempo until you are confident playing the song at performance speed.

  • A version of Silent Night in F major can be found further down the page.

Silent Night Guitar Chords & TAB PDF Sheet Music Download

You can view and download a FREE pdf with chords, melody (in notation and TAB), and lyrics for Silent Night by Clicking Here or on the image below.

Silent Night Chords - Click To Download
Silent Night For Guitar Sheet Music PDF – Click To Download

Once you've mastered Silent Night, you can try out other Christmas songs here.

Silent Night & Other Carols for Fingerstyle Guitar: Printable Sheet Music eBook to Download

Christmas Carols For Guitar Sample Pages Download

Fingerstyle versions of Silent Night and many other famous Christmas songs can be found in our pdf eBook, Christmas Carols For Guitar. Click here for more information and to play sample pieces.

All of the carols are also presented in TAB and notation. Chords and lyrics are also provided, so you'll be able to play Christmas songs on your guitar whatever your playing style.

Christmas Carols For Guitar is available for immediate download as a printable PDF file.

Christmas Carols For Guitar eBook Download
Christmas Carols For Guitar eBook - Click Image For Details

Silent Night Chords In F With Guitar Tab

Silent Night Chords & Guitar TAB In F
Silent Night Guitar Chords & TAB In F

You can find out more about the carol Silent Night on Wikipedia.

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