Guitar Backing Track – Blues in A minor

The latest Guitar Scales YouTube backing track - and one of our favourites. Play along to this guitar backing track using A minor pentatonic or blues scales (or any other scales or arpeggios that sound good!).

This is a really enjoyable track to play over. It is a slight variation to the traditional blues because in this track all of the chords are minor - giving the track a laid-back funk / soul feel rather than out-and-out blues. It is also a good track with which to practice picking technique, as it is in a challenging but manageable tempo for playing sixteenth note (semiquaver) runs over.

Guitar Scales Backing Tracks Now Available To Download

This track can now be downloaded as part of the Guitar Scales 'Blues - Funk' backing track album, available to download here: Blues / Funk Backing Tracks. You can also purchase our backing tracks from iTunes, Amazon, and all other good audio stores.

Which Guitar Scales To Use?

The obvious choice would be a A blues scale, and the A pentatonic minor scale can also be used.
You could also use Dm7 and Em7 arpeggios over the corresponding chords in the backing track.

You can see all of our other videos either by staying on this site and clicking the 'Guitar Scales Video' category link, or by visiting YouTube. Our user name is guitarscalesvideo.

Enjoy the backing track - more coming soon.

blues backing tracks
Blues Backing Tracks by Guitar Scales

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