Double Harmonic Scale

The double harmonic scale goes by several other names, including the Arabic scale, Gypsy scale and Byzantine scale. It has the unusual feature of two augmented second intervals; these, together with the half-step gap between its first and second notes, give the scale an exotic, Eastern sound. The scale spelling is: 1, b2, 3, 4, 5, b6, 7. TAB and diagrams for this scale are given below. It is not the most natural scale to play on the guitar – so find the shape you are happiest with and practice it to get your fingers around it.

Double Harmonic Scale TAB & Guitar Diagrams

Double Harmonic Scale TAB
Double Harmonic Scale TAB

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Double Harmonic Scale Diagram 1
Scale Diagram 1

Double Harmonic Scale Diagram 2
Scale Diagram 2

Double Harmonic Scale Diagram 3
Scale Diagram 3

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Double Harmonic Scale Diagram 4
Scale Diagram 4

Double Harmonic Scale Diagram 5
Scale Diagram 5

This unconventional scale is not the easiest to play on the guitar. There are some stretches involved, and you may have to find the best way of fingering the scale for your playing. It is worth persevering, however, as this scale can sound very special if used at the right time.

A similar scale, in both sound and construction, is the Phrygian dominant scale. There is only one note different in both scales, the Phrygian dominant having a b7 rather than a natural seventh degree. For more information on Phrygian dominant scales, visit: Phrygian Dominant Scale.

This scale could be used in jazz or rock solos to create some contrast between more traditional rock sounds. For more Eastern sounding scales, visit this page: Arabic Scale. Here you will be able to explore the differences between several exotic guitar scales. Sample some traditional Arabic music here: Traditional Arabic Music.

Discover more guitar scales in our ultimate scales guide: Guitar Scales. Here you will find many other types of scale which you can include in your playing. Whilst many guitarists make do with a few pentatonic shapes and some blues scales, if you can play a few bars using a more exotic scale it really separates you from the crowd and makes your playing more distinctive.

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