Minor 9th Chord Low Voicing

This week's Guitar Chord Of The Week is a minor 9th chord that is played on the bottom four strings. This low voicing can be very effective, especially when used with other 'low' chords. Hear for yourself by playing the example chord progression provided at the end of the article.

Minor 9th Guitar Chord Diagram
Minor 9th Guitar Chord

Minor Ninth Chord

Minor 9th chords are simply minor 7th chords with an additional ninth note added.

This means that a full C minor ninth chord would contain the following notes: C, E flat, G and B flat (the notes of a minor 7th chord) plus D (the ninth).

This week's guitar chord does not contain a fifth. The fifth is a common note to omit from guitar chords, as it does not contribute greatly to the musical effect of the chord.

If you want to learn more about guitar chord theory, we have written a series of articles suitable for guitarists of all abilities. Check them out here: Guitar Chord Theory.

This week's minor 9th voicing is shown below in notation and tab.

M9 Guitar Chord Tab
Cm9 Guitar Chord Tab

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More 9th Chords - Compare The Sounds

Compare the difference in sound between this week's minor 9th chord shape, and the one we featured a few months ago here.

See how both chords differ from this dominant ninth chord.

Minor ninth chords have a very cool, jazzy sound. They sound great in jazz (obviously), but can also work very well in soul, pop/rock and even blues music. If you like the sound of this chord, try using it in your own songs: it often sounds good when used in place of a normal minor chord.

Minor 9th Low Voicing Chord Progression

The low voicing of this particular shape sounds very good if the chord is used with other low voicings. Try playing this short chord progression. All of the chords are played on the bottom four strings.

Minor 9th Chord Progression
Minor 9th Chord Progression

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