Minor 7 Guitar Chord

This week's Guitar Chord Of The Week is a nice and simple minor 7 chord shape. It's a versatile chord, and can be used in all styles of music.

If you already know this chord, try the example chord progression at the end of this page: it contains some other nice chords, including a dominant 11 shape that may take some getting used to!

Minor 7 Guitar Chord - Root On 5th String

Minor 7 Guitar Chord Diagram
Minor 7 Guitar Chord Diagram

This chord is a 'movable' chord shape. This means you can play it up and down the neck to play a minor7 chord with any root note. Just position the blue note (see the diagram) over the note on the neck you want the root note to be.

For example, play it at the 5th fret (so the blue note on the diagram is over the D on the 5th string, 5th fret) for a Dm7.

Here's a photo of the above chord being played:

Minor 7 Guitar Chord Photo
Minor 7 Guitar Chord Photo

How To Play This Minor 7 Guitar Chord

The only (slight) problem you might encounter when playing his chord is keeping the 6th (lowest) string quiet. You should aim to mute the string with the tip of your 1st (index) finger.

You could also try simply avoiding the lowest string when strumming the chord.

A mixture of both works the best.

Once you've got the hang of this chord, try playing it with funky strumming patterns. You can hammer-on the 2nd and 3rd fingers at the same time to produce funky riffs.

Example Chord Progression Using The Minor 7 Chord Shape

Try playing this example chord progression. There are some other nice chords in it: particularly the 11th chord at the end.

Minor 7 Guitar Chord Progression
Minor 7 Guitar Chord Example Progression - Click To Enlarge


I hope that you have enjoyed learning this minor 7 chord. Check out more chords in the Guitar Chord Of The Week series here. Feeling inspired? You can learn about guitar chord theory here.

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