A Major Scale Guitar

A major scale has 3 sharps: F sharp, C sharp and G sharp (F#, C# & G#). This means that when playing the scale, every F, C and G note will be raised by one semitone (e.g. by one fret).

A Major Scale Guitar Information

In traditional music notation, the notes to be sharpened are shown in the key signature at the beginning of the music. The A major scale guitar notation below has f, c and g sharps in the key signature, meaning that the sharp doesn’t have to be shown before all of the f, c and g notes in the music, but that they are still played sharpened. This doesn’t affect the guitar tab, which is always played as it is written.

An A major guitar scale can be played in open position as shown below:

A Major Scale Guitar TAB

A Major Scale Guitar

A Major Scale Guitar

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There are several other ways of playing A major scale on guitar. The following tab and notation shows a two-octave A major scale played in the 2nd position.

A Major Scale Guitar 2 Octave TAB

A Major Scale Guitar

A Major Scale Guitar Tab - 2 Octave

You can use movable guitar scale shapes to play A major scales on guitar. This way, you only have to learn the fingering for one major scale in order to play them all, by playing the same shape in different positions on the fingerboard. See all of the movable major scale guitar shapes here: Major Scale Guitar

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