Guitar Scales eBook

The Guitar Scales eBook is an essential reference for all lead guitarists. Containing over 130 guitar scales diagrams, it is available as a printable PDF download.

The Guitar Scales eBook can either be read on-screen or printed out. You can even put pages on your wall! Sample pages can be seen below.

Learn New Scales And Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing

Guitar Scales eBook Sample Pages

Guitar Scales eBook Sample Pages: click to enlarge

The Guitar Scales pdf eBook contains all of the most widely-used guitar scales (blues, pentatonic, etc.), as well as many other exotic and advanced scales (altered, phrygian dominant, etc.) – making it a must for all improvising guitarists.

All of the scales are presented as transposable diagrams, so there is no need to read music.

Each scale is shown in multiple fretboard positions, allowing you to find the scale you need wherever you are on the neck (a guitar fretboard diagram is included, showing you where to play the shapes at a glance).

Guitar Scales In Tab

Each scale is also presented in 2 octave tab starting on C. This is useful for learning the sound of the scale before learning the scale shapes shown in the diagrams.

Complex Guitar Scales eBook Download

Complex, Exotic And Jazz Guitar Scales: click to enlarge

Scales For Every Kind Of Music

Includes major scales, blues scales, modal scales, diminished scales, whole-tone scales and more. The Guitar Scales eBook is a great one-stop reference book for all lead guitarists. Keep it nearby when you are practicing so that you find the scales you need instantly.

Prefer It In Print?

The Guitar Scales eBook is also available from bookshops in printed form as the 'Guitar Scale Book'. For details of this book, see this page.

Instant Download – Order And Play!

The Guitar Scales  eBook comes as an instant download, so you can use it straight away. It comes as a printable pdf file, suitable for printing on Letter and A4-sized paper.

Learn some new scales and experiment with new sounds: download now to get started!

Guitar Scales Chart PDF eBook


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