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The Guitar Chord Book contains 100s of chords for playing all styles of music. Never get stuck following a chord chart again.

Whether you're a beginner learning basic chords, a songwriter in need of inspiration or an experienced jazz guitarist arranging a chord solo, the Guitar Chord Book helps you find the chords you need quickly and easily.

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100s Of Guitar Chords For All Kinds Of Music

Rhythm guitar playing takes many forms and involves different techniques. However, central to any rhythm guitar part - and to most songs - are the chords. They provide the basis on which the rest of the music is built.

Having a good knowledge of chords is beneficial whether you are following music or writing your own songs. Use the Guitar Chord Book either to find specific chords or to dip into when you need inspiration or new sounds.

Quick Reference Section

A quick reference section allows you to look up chords you need quickly and easily: ideal for learning new songs.

Quick Reference Chords Section Sample Pages
Quick Reference Chords Section Sample Pages

Movable Chords Section

The Movable Chord section contains over 100 chord shapes that can be used to play well over 1,000 guitar chords. A fretboard diagram is provided to show you where to play the chords.

Movable Chords Section Sample Pages
Movable Chords Section Sample Pages

The Guitar Chord Book contains: basic chords, movable chords, barre chords, chords for rock, pop, metal, folk, jazz and all other kinds of music. For electric and acoustic guitarists.

This is a book you can use at any stage in your career. From strumming folk songs to complex jazz comping: the Guitar Chord Book is designed to be the only chord book you'll ever need.

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