Pink Floyd The Endless River Review

The Endless River is Pink Floyd's 15th studio album. With a back catalogue featuring masterpieces such as The Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall, the band have set the bar high. How does The Endless River fare against such classic albums? Read the Guitar Command review to find out…

Pink Floyd The Endless River Review
Pink Floyd - The Endless River

Twenty years have passed since the release of The Division Bell, Pink Floyd's previous studio album. However, the appearance of The Endless River is a rather bittersweet affair for many of the band's fans: after the death of keyboard player Rick Wright in 2008, only David Gilmour and Nick Mason remain in the 'official' line up (a reunion with Roger Waters has been ruled out). The Endless River is the duo's tribute to Wright and is also said to be Pink Floyd's last album.

Many of the tracks on The Endless River were composed during writing sessions for the band's 1994 album, The Division Bell, and the new album features posthumous performances from Wright. Production duties were shared by Gilmour, Phil Manzanera, Youth and Andy Jackson.

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As the shimmering keyboards and samples slowly fade in, and a synth starts to improvise melodies over the sombre chord changes, you find yourself in familiar territory. The brooding, soundtrack-esque mood set by the first track continues throughout the album, and only the final track features vocals.

At several points during The Endless River you can almost hear older Pink Floyd songs vying to break through. Sometimes it's in a chord change, sometimes in a riff: ghost-like reminders of the band's heritage.

In the past Floyd have provided us with some angry, up-tempo anthems, but that was more Roger Water's department. The Endless River is contemplative and melancholy: Gilmour is more of a composer than a songwriter.

On this album, the guitarist's playing is typically melodic and understated. His bluesy lines soar over the slow-moving keyboard pads, providing a lesson to young guitarists on how less can be more. I suspect that after hearing The Endless River, more than a few guitarists will be concentrating on their vibrato rather than their alternate picking.

As one would expect with such a notable team of producers behind the desk, The Endless River sounds fantastic. The album has a big, epic feel that befits the music.

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With The Endless River, it is clear Gilmour and Mason weren't intending to create a new Dark Side Of The Moon. Rather, the new album seems to represent closure for a band that has nothing to prove, having given so much to music fans over the years.

The Endless River is thoughtful, reflective, and, at times, really rather beautiful. For Pink Floyd fans it's like a nostalgic last trip down memory lane. It carries the sadness of the passing of an era, but also serves as a reminder of former glories.


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