Guitar Intonation Adjustment: How To Set Intonation On Electric Guitars

Guitar Intonation Adjustment

Guitar intonation adjustment involves testing the intonation of each string by comparing the fretted 12-fret octave with the harmonic produced at the same fret. If the fretted note is sharp, the string needs to be lengthened; if the fretted note is flat, then the string needs to be shortened.

The way in which the length of the strings is adjusted depends on the type of bridge fitted on your guitar. In our guide to adjusting electric guitar intonation, you’ll find out how to adjust intonation on a range of guitar bridge styles…

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Metal Backing Tracks For Guitar: High-Quality Jam Tracks, MP3 Download

Metal Backing Tracks For Guitar

Metal Backing Tracks MP3 album: high quality play-along jam tracks for practice and performance. Hear sample tracks below.

Get ready to shred with specially-recorded metal backing tracks!

Produced by metal fans, for metal fans, Metal Backing Tracks covers a wide range of classic and modern metal styles.

Improvise guitar solos… create new licks and riffs… experiment with new techniques: this album is the ideal way to improve your lead guitar playing!

Special Offer! Only $10.97 $7.99

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The Best AC/DC Albums Ranked: Our 2022 List

Best ACDC Albums Ranked

In a list of the best AC/DC albums, fans and critics alike would generally include Back in Black, Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap), Let There Be Rock, Highway to Hell and High Voltage. These five albums represent the Australian power blues-rock band at their bawdy, hard-rocking peak, and are classics of the hard rock genre.

On this page we rank these, and every other AC/DC album, to create the definitive guide to the Australian rockers’ recorded output over their multi-decade career.

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M-Audio BX4 Monitor Speakers Review: The Best Cheap Monitor Speakers?

M Audio BX4 Monitor Speakers Review

M-audio BX4 monitor speakers review: are M-Audio’s powered speakers the best cheap monitor speakers for a home recording studio?

M-Audio BX4 120W Multimedia Reference Monitors Review

M-Audio’s BX4 monitor speakers are inexpensive, relatively small, powered monitor speakers marketed not only at musicians, but also at content producers, gamers and streamers.

With this “one-size fits all” approach (and the speakers’ relatively small size and low price point) are the BX4s suitable for “serious” music production, or are they suitable only for hobbyists and occasional use?

Read our M-Audio BX4 monitor speaker review to find out…

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A List Of The Best Jazz Guitar Albums Ever Recorded

Best Jazz Guitar Albums

Automatic choices in a list of the best jazz guitar albums ever recorded include classic recordings such as Jim Hall’s Concierto; Joe Pass’ Virtuoso; Wes Montgomery’s The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery; and Django Reinhardt’s Djangology.

The list below contains the aforementioned recordings, plus great jazz guitar albums by Metheny, Benson, Di Meola, and other jazz guitar luminaries. We couldn’t quite keep it to a top ten (and could quite easily have added more). The fifteen albums listed below represent (for us) the pinnacle of jazz guitar recordings.

We’ve included albums in a wide range of jazz guitar styles, ranging from laid-back jazz-funk to uplifting gypsy jazz. All are timeless recordings that sound as fresh and inventive now as they did the day they were made.

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Contemporary Jazz Guitarists: A List Of Exciting Young Jazz Guitarists

contemporary jazz guitarists

Contemporary jazz guitarists include Kurt Rosenwinkel, Gilad Hekselman, Julian Lage, Tom Misch, Mike Moreno and Lionel Loueke. These young jazz guitarists represent a new generation of musicians carrying on the jazz guitar tradition.

If you’ve listened to your favorite jazz guitar albums so many times that you can sing each solo note-perfect in your head and hear the first notes of the next song before it’s even started, then check out this guide to the new generation of jazz guitarists and their work…

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How To Get A Jazz Guitar Sound: The Guitar, Strings, Pick and Amplifier You Need For A Jazz Tone

how to get a jazz guitar sound

How To Get A Jazz Guitar Sound

Getting a good jazz guitar sound requires a combination of gear, playing technique and acquired knowledge. Jazz guitarists typically use archtop guitars, strung with heavy gauge, flatwound strings. They play using small, thick picks and rarely use anything other than the neck pickup, often with the tone turned down. The sound is amplified with powerful solid state amps, or valve amps with a clear, unnuanced sound. The use of effects is kept to a minimum, but reverb may be used in varying degrees.

While the above may describe how to get a traditional jazz guitar tone, there are many variations on this theme. On this page we take a look at the gear and techniques used by jazz guitarists, and how jazz guitar tone has evolved since the early days of jazz guitar…

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