Minor 6th Movable Chord Shape

Minor 6th Movable Guitar Chord Diagram
Minor 6th Movable Guitar Chord Diagram

This week's Guitar Chord Of The Week is a minor 6 chord. This chord will often sound good in place of a normal minor chord: it's basically the same chord, but with a 6th note added. Learn the moveable chord shape, then try playing this chord in the example progression, provided at the end of the lesson...

Minor sixth chords can be used as the I chords in minor keys. They have a cool, jazzy sound that sounds more characterful than a standard minor chord.

Movable Minor 6th Chord Shape

This particular chord shape is fairly easy to play. It is a movable shape; the root notes are represented by the blue circles on the diagram. Position these over the desired notes on the fretboard to play a minor 6th chord with that root note.

Notation for a Cm6 chord played with this shape is shown below.

Minor 6 Chord Notation
Minor 6 Chord Notation

Minor 6th chords are made up of a minor triad (root, minor 3rd and 5th) plus a 6th note.

Chord Progression With minor 6th Chord

Once you are used to playing the minor 6th chord, try this chrod progression. Give it a nice slow jazz minor feel and hear how the minor 6th chord makes everything a bit more interesting...

Minor 6 Chord Progression
Minor 6 Chord Progression

The other chords used in the progression are shown below.

Other Chords Used In Progression
Other Chords Used In Progression
  • Play the Fm7 shape at the 6th fret (with the 5th string "F" root note at the 8th fret).
  • Play the Dm7b5 shape at the 5th Fret.
  • Play the G7#5 at the 3rd Fret.

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