How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

How to play Happy Birthday on guitar is a common request. It's a good song to have in your repertoire, and you never know when you'll be asked to play it!

Luckily, it's also a very easy song to play, as it features basic chords and a melody that can be played in open position.

Below you'll find Happy Birthday chords and tab. All you need is a guitar!

At the bottom of this page you can download a printable copy of Happy Birthday in F and in G.

How to Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

There are several ways of playing Happy Birthday on guitar. The main choices are: play just the tune; play the chords (to accompany either yourself or others singing); or play a solo fingerstyle arrangement of the tune that includes accompaniment.

As this lesson is for beginners, we have provided music to enable you to do either of the first two options.

The music below shows you how to play either the melody or the chords. A common key to play Happy Birthday in is F major. We've also included it in G major, because in G there are no barre chords to worry about.

Happy Birthday TAB

Below is a simple way of playing Happy Birthday in TAB and traditional notation. Chords are also provided. Click on the images for larger versions.

How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar
Happy Birthday To You / Good Morning Dear Children

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Happy Birthday In G

In case you don't like playing barre chords, here is a version of happy birthday for guitar in G major.

Happy Birthday On Guitar in G
Happy Birthday / Good Morning Dear Children

Happy Birthday Guitar PDF

Download a printable PDF of Happy Birthday here: Happy Birthday Guitar. For more information on the song Happy Birthday To You, visit: Wikipedia Happy Birthday.

Want to learn more chords? Download our printable guitar chord book. This comprehensive guitar reference book contains a large number of chords suitable for playing all styles of music.

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