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Find guitar lessons London. Guitar teacher directory - learn with a professional guitar teacher in London. If you are taking your first step towards learning the guitar or want to improve your playing, get in touch with a tutor today. The guitar teachers in London listed below teach one-to-one and offer guitar tuition in many styles of playing. Whether you are a complete beginner or an old hand, guitar lessons will help you develop your playing and get where you want to be.

Guitar Lessons London - North

Marcguitar. Guitar Lessons Camden, North London and Central London. Site. Guitar Lessons in North London and around the world with Skype. Site.

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Guitar Lessons London - East

VinzGuitar. One to One Guitar and Bass Lessons (East London and Essex). Site.

Guitar Lessons London - South

John Hudson. South London-Based Guitar Teacher. Site.

Guitar Lessons London - West

Alex Kennard Guitar Tuition. Twickenham / Richmond Guitar Teacher. Site.

121 Guitar Lessons. Guitar Lessons in Kingston Upon Thames (and elsewhere via Skype). Site.

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Music In London

London is a vast city, and as you would expect, its music scene is extremely active and varied. There are plenty of gigs every night and, for musicians, getting a gig is usually possible with a few phone calls and some links to your web site or social media page. For smaller bands without the luxury of a driver and road crew, parking and unloading for a gig can be a nightmare. Make sure the venue is willing to offer assistance in getting you parked and unloaded or it may not be worth the bother. Even further out, in areas such as Camden and Brixton, this can be a problem. However, nothing beats the buzz of playing in the capital, especially if you can draw a crowd or manage to get a good support slot.

There are many teachers offering guitar lessons London, so if you are thinking about getting started, get in touch with someone on the list above. Soon it could be you appearing on stage.

Guitar Teacher London Information

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Guitar teachers are often able to offer lessons in a range of styles (e.g. blues, classical, rock, etc.). The basics of guitar playing are the same no matter what style of music, or kind of guitar, you play. However, some styles have their own specific techniques and skills and some are more suited to either an acoustic or electric guitar. Most guitar teachers will be able to offer lessons that will take you to a reasonably advanced level of playing, but if you do want to play a specific style (e.g. acoustic flatpicking, or metal shredding) then check with the teacher to see if this is something they offer. Some tutors offer discounted taster lessons which allow you to judge if they are the right teacher for you.
Classical guitar requires a specific technique, and some classical guitar teachers do not offer lessons in other styles (however, most do). If it not apparent from the website, speak to a prospective teacher; most will be happy to explain the services that they offer.
Many guitar teachers also offer theory lessons, allowing you to learn how music is constructed and written. Guitar lessons London – contact a tutor today!

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