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Guitar Lessons Kent - find a guitar teacher Kent. One-to-one lessons and group lessons in a range of styles. Whether you want to learn guitar to play in a band, to accompany yourself whilst singing, to perform solo traditional music or play the great classical works, take the first step towards your goal and contact a guitar teacher in Kent today.

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Peter Hodgson Guitar Tutor. One-to-one guitar tuition for all abilities and styles. Hythe. Site.

Ben Belville. Guitar and bass teacher. Rainham, Kent. Site.

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Pete's Guitar Lessons. Guitar teacher in Bromley, Chislehurst, Kent and London. Site.

Chris Horwood. Guitar and bass teacher in Maidstone, Kent. Site.

The Guitar Room. Professional guitar teacher in Tunbridge Wells. Site.

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Guitar Lessons Kent
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Most guitar teachers teach a range of styles on both electric and acoustic guitars. The basics of guitar playing are the same whatever kind of music, or instrument, is being played. However, some techniques and skills are specific to particular styles, so make sure that the teacher provides tuition in your chosen field. Classical guitar has its own technique and if you want to learn this style of playing it is a good idea to contact a specialist teacher. However, many rock / pop guitar teachers can also teach classical guitar to a high standard, so get in touch with prospective tutors to see what they can offer. Take guitar lessons Kent and improve your playing today.

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