The Best Guitar Lessons On YouTube: Discover New Channels & Improve Your Guitar Playing

What are the best guitar lessons on YouTube? With many thousands of guitar lessons available on the popular video sharing site, the space is looking a little over-saturated. We separate the wheat from the chaff in order to find you the channels you should be watching...

There are a lot of guitar lessons on YouTube, and there’s no doubt that the YouTube platform is an invaluable aid to learning guitar.

Many YouTube guitar lesson channels are run by professional, highly-experienced teachers. By following them you might never need to go down the traditional, one-to-one guitar tuition route.

However, the flip side of the success of YouTube is that for every one good guitar lesson, there are hundreds of bad ones just waiting to take up your valuable 'guitar time'.

These are made either by inexperienced guitarists who have no right giving a guitar lesson, or excellent guitarists who are unable to explain the concepts clearly enough (or to use a video camera).

On this page we do the grunt work by identifying the best guitar lessons on YouTube for beginners, improvers and advanced players.

Let’s get started…

Best Guitar Lessons On YouTube

Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar is the YouTube channel owned by Andy Crowley. At the time of writing it features over 500 videos, including (apparently) the most-watched guitar lesson on YouTube.

Of particular interest to beginner guitarists is Andy’s 10 Day Guitar Starter Course, in which you’ll learn basic chords, strumming patterns and scales.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, Andy Guitar has got you covered with improved lessons and hundreds of songs to learn.

Andy is clearly an experienced guitar teacher and this comes across in the pace and content of his lessons.

You can check his channel out here:


If you’re learning to play guitar by watching YouTube videos then one name you’ll certainly have come across is Justin Sandercoe.

As one of the pioneers of guitar lessons on YouTube, his videos have been watched over 166 million times. This is a staggering number, and a testament to his easy-going yet professional attitude and, more importantly, his natural teaching ability.

JustinGuitar’s playlists include both a beginner course and intermediate course, and among the channel’s videos you’ll find lessons for learning songs and various guitar techniques. You’ll also find ‘fly on the wall’-style footage of Justin giving guitar lessons to real students, which is a useful approach.


Want to learn to play classic rock and metal songs by bands such as Queen, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden and more? GuitarLessons365Song (and sister channel GuitarLessons365) would be a great place to start.

Both channels are hosted by Carl Brown. Whereas the ‘GuitarLessons365Song’ channel concentrates on famous songs, the GuitarLessons365 has more in the way of guitar lessons. Playlists include ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ guitar lessons, so there’s plenty here for guitarists of all abilities.


Best known as a supplier of high-quality online guitar lessons (you can check them out here), JamPlay also has a YouTube channel on which you’ll find lessons in a wide range of musical styles.

Although many of the videos are introductions to the paid lessons available at JamPlay, there are also plenty of free guitar lessons for YouTube viewers.

The channel may lack the personal feel of those of other YouTube guitar teachers, but the high-quality of the videos and the experience of the teachers is a definite plus.

  • You can check out JamPlay online guitar lessons here: JamPlay

Rock On Good People

RockOnGoodPeople is more of a general guitar channel than a guitar lesson channel. Although there are plenty of lessons to get your teeth stuck into on the channel, there are also gear news, reviews, and information on other aspects of guitar playing, such as recording and rehearsal tips.

Of course, there are lessons a-plenty (as you’d expect on a YouTube channel that’s been running for over 12 years). Although they’re somewhat lacking in structure, you’ll find plenty of good hints and tips as you browse the channel.


If you watch a lot of guitar videos on YouTube then you’ll no doubt have come across those made by Canadian guitarist Steve Terreberry, aka ‘Stevie T’. Although there are a few traditional guitar lessons on his channel, he’s more about guitar / metal-based entertainment.

You’ll either love or hate Stevie T’s irreverent, energetic style, but there’s no doubt that he’s an extremely gifted guitar player and video maker.


SamuraiGuitarist is a YouTube channel hosted by Canadian guitarist Steve Onotera. It’s more of a guitar-based entertainment channel, but you’ll find some useful lessons among the other assorted videos, which include playing the world’s weirdest guitars and assorted guitar-related facts and reviews.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

If you’ve got a good understanding of rock / blues guitar techniques and some knowledge of music theory then you might feel yourself being drawn towards the ‘dark side’ of jazz.

Despite its generic title, Jazz Guitar Lessons is a great way to start your jazz odyssey. It introduces you to the way jazz guitarists think, and the similarities and differences between jazz and other forms of music.

Jens Larsen

Jens Larsen is a jazz guitarist through and through, and he offers some of the best jazz guitar lessons on YouTube. His lessons go from beginner to advanced, but be warned; ‘beginner’ in jazz means that you need to have some prior knowledge of blues / rock guitar, as well as some music theory, under your belt.

This is a great channel to visit if you’ve got a good knowledge of rock guitar and want to dip your toe into jazz, or if you’re a seasoned jazz cat wanting some new ideas and approaches.

Best Guitar Lessons on YouTube: Conclusion

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this roundup of what are, in our opinion, the top guitar lesson channels on YouTube.

Although we spent a long time compiling this page, given the sheer number of guitar videos on YouTube it’s likely that we’ve missed one or two excellent channels… which is where you come in. Leave a comment below to let us know your favorite guitar teachers on YouTube, and what you think of the channels we’ve listed above.

Happy playing!

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