Bass Modes Backing Tracks: Invent New Bass Lines & Solos Using Modes

Bass Modes Backing Tracks is an MP3 album of high-quality jam tracks produced for bassists wishing to practice and perform modal bass lines and solos.

Invent Bass Lines, Riffs & Solos Using Modal Scales

Guitar Command began life as a scale reference site. We've always stressed the importance of learning scales because we believe that having a good knowledge of the fretboard is a vital step towards achieving your potential as a bass guitarist.

We created this album specifically to help bassists learn and improvise with modal scales.

Each track was written to enable improvisation using a particular mode.

Use these tracks to: explore modal improvisation; invent new bass lines using modes; improve your knowledge of the fretboard; and discover interesting new sounds.

Bass Modes Backing Tracks: Sample Tracks

Chord charts for all of the tracks can be found on this page.)

  • Learn modal scales and use them in your playing
  • Invent new bass lines & improvise bass solos
  • Add new sounds to your bass playing
  • 10 awesome jam tracks; over 45 minutes of music
  • MP3 album available for instant download

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Bass Modes Backing Tracks is supplied in high-quality MP3 format and is playable on any MP3-compatible device or software media player (including phones and tablets, Windows media player, iTunes, portable MP3 players, etc.)

Bass Modes Backing Tracks MP3 Album Download

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