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Blues Guitar Licks In Every Position

In this lesson we take a look at the use of the blues scale in improvisation. Example licks are provided with tab and audio.

Read on to find out how to play blues guitar licks in every fretboard position…

Blues Guitar Licks Continue reading

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Guitar Inspiration: Good Books For Guitarists

Need some inspiration for your guitar playing? While they may not directly improve your guitar skills, these books will inspire you to approach your music in different ways.

See the list here…

Guitar Inspiration Good Guitar Books Continue reading

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Major 6th Chord Synonyms

Major 6th Guitar Chords

Major 6th Guitar Chords

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking ‘There are just too many guitar chords!’?

Believe it or not, we do too!

However, learning new guitar chords is beneficial: it keeps your rhythm playing fresh, and really helps when you are searching for inspiration for songwriting and composing.

There are shortcuts that you can use when learning new chords: in this article we show you how you can learn two new chords for the price of one! Continue reading

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Learning More Advanced Guitar Chords

Many guitarists learn a few major, minor and dominant 7th chords and consider their ‘chord learning’ stage to be over – don’t be one of them!

In this lesson in our How To Get Better At Guitar series, we are going to look at learning some slightly more advanced guitar chords.

If you want to get better at guitar – and that is what this series is all about – then it is time to resume your chord studies!

Major Guitar Chord Barre E Shape

Go Beyond Major Chords & Bring New Sounds To Your Songs

Continue reading

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Minor 9 Chord Shape Guitar Chord Of The Week

This week’s Guitar Chord Of The Week is a minor 9 chord.

Minor 9 Chord Shape

Minor 9 Chord Shape

Minor 9 Chord

We’ve looked at a minor 9 chord shape before in this series (see the articles here and here).

This week’s shape is a slightly more unusual way of playing a minor 9 chord. Read on to find out how to play it. Continue reading

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Guitar Scales

Guitar Scales

Guitar Command started life as a guitar scales reference site for lead guitarists. Needless to say, our comprehensive reference section is one of the most visited areas of the site. Learn new guitar scales, arpeggios and chords and improve your playing. Start exploring here: Guitar Scales.

Guitar Backing Tracks & Publications

Guitar Backing Tracks By Guitar Command

Guitar Backing Tracks By Guitar Command

Our popular guitar backing tracks are used by thousands of guitarists and bassists all around the world. Guitar Command Backing Tracks are available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many other online stores. You can also download tracks directly from this site. Find out more about our guitar and bass backing tracks here: Guitar Backing Tracks. You can also listen to samples and play along yourself!

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