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Guitar Scale Exercises Position Changes

These guitar scale exercises can be used to practice changing position and combining scale shapes while improvising.

Guitar Scale Exercises

If you always stay in one position while soloing you may be restricting yourself. Your fingers will fall into the same old patterns and you’ll struggle to come up with anything new.

By learning scales all over the fretboard you can give your lead playing more freedom. Even if you are using the same notes but played in a different position you will find that new licks will present themselves.

This lesson will show you how to play 3 octave major scales, how to combine scale shapes while soloing and at the end gives you an extended position-changing study. It is part of the how to get better at guitar series. Continue reading

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Major 6th Guitar Chord Of The Week

This week’s Guitar Chord Of The Week is a useful major 6th shape. It probably won’t be the first major 6th chord shape you learn; check out this shape for a more common way of playing a 6 chord. However, this week’s chord is a good shape to have up your sleeve when you are writing songs or rhythm guitar parts.

Guitar Chord Of The Week Major 6th Chord

At the end of the article there is an example chord progression that shows one way in which this shape could be used. Continue reading

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Alternate Picking Exercises For Guitar

Alternate picking is the main guitar picking technique. If you play with a pick you should get into the habit of alternate picking early on: a good picking technique will help you to play faster and more fluently.

Alternate Picking Exercises Title Image

In this lesson, we start by explaining what alternate picking is. We then provide several alternate picking exercises that you can use to develop your technique.

A special ‘bonus’ exercise is provided at the end of the lesson – it’s a challenging picking study that’s good for a bit of ‘guitar shop showing off’! Continue reading

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How To Hold A Guitar Pick & Basic Picking Technique

This article will show you how to hold a guitar pick and also explains basic picking technique.

Although there is no official ‘right way to hold a guitar pick’, we’ll show you a good basic technique that you can use, and if necessary adapt, to find a style that works for you.

Read on to find out more…

How To Hold A Pick Continue reading

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Guitar Command Complete Reference Book Coming Soon

Continue reading

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Guitar Scales

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Guitar Backing Tracks By Guitar Command

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