Improvisation With Harmonic Minor Scale

This is a guitar lesson on improvisation using the harmonic minor scale, featuring an example guitar solo and a backing track allowing you to solo with a harmonic minor scale yourself.

To learn more about how a harmonic minor scale is formed, and how to play it in various positions on the guitar neck, see this page: Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar.

The Sound Of A Harmonic Minor Scale

The harmonic minor scale can really spice up a pentatonic or blues scale based solo, adding another colour, and bringing a classical, latin or jazz feel depending on the context. Experiment yourself by playing the scale a few times and creating some phrases.

Harmonic Minor Scale TAB and Notation

2 Octave Harmonic Minor Scale TAB & Notation
C Harmonic Minor Scale TAB & Notation

Guitar Playing ExampleNow listen to this example guitar solo played using a harmonic minor scale. Learn to identify the sound that the scale brings to the improvisation.

Example Of Improvisation With Harmonic Minor Scale

The improvisation is played over this chord sequence:

improvisation harmonic minor scale
Chord Sequence For Improvisation With A Harmonic Minor Scale

Harmonic Minor Scale Backing Track

Now it's your turn. Using the C harmonic minor scale shown near the top of this page, improvise a solo over backing track, which uses the chord sequence shown above. You could also interject some C blues scales, or C minor pentatonic scales for some variety.

Backing Track For Harmonic Minor Scale Improvisation

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