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If you use scales to improvise and compose–whatever style of music you play–then the Guitar Scale Book is the reference book you need.

A comprehensive collection of scales is provided, suitable for use in blues, rock, metal, jazz and classical music.

Whether you want to brush up on your pentatonics, play blues in an unusual key, rock out with an Eastern-sounding scale or improvise some cool jazz lines, the Guitar Scale Book provides the information–and the inspiration–that you need.

And it's not just scales–there's a useful arpeggio section included too.

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The Guitar Scale Book Contains The Scales You Need To Create Memorable Solos

Playing a guitar solo is your chance to shine; your moment to express yourself and to provide the focus of the music.

Don't restrict yourself to playing the same old scales in one position. You only get a few bars to make the song your own: make the most of them!

Guitar Scale Book Sample Pages
Guitar Scale Book Sample Pages: click to enlarge

Want to find out how to play a particular scale?

Use the Guitar Scale Book to look it up and learn how to play it all over the neck. Each scale is shown in multiple positions in easy-to-read fretboard diagrams.

The diagrams can be used all over the neck, allowing you to access the scale wherever you are on the fingerboard. Simply position the root notes over the desired notes on the fretboard.

You can link scales in different positions on the neck to create longer lines.

A fretboard diagram is included, so you'll always be able to work out where to play a particular scale or arpeggio.

In addition, each scale is also presented in tab. The tab shows the scale in 2 octaves, starting on C.

Want to try out new sounds?

Use the Guitar Scale Book to experiment with new scales. Use new and exotic scales to add interest and originality to your solos and compositions.

Complex Exotic And Jazz Guitar Scales
Complex, Exotic And Jazz Guitar Scales: click to enlarge

Each scale in the book is presented in diagram form, showing you how to play the scale in multiple positions. Scales are also shown in 2 octaves in C with notation and tab.

Scale spellings are provided, allowing you to compare the different scales.

Includes Comprehensive Arpeggio Section

Many guitarists ignore arpeggios in their lead playing: don't be one of them!

Using arpeggios can break up the linear movement of your solos and add melodic and rhythmic interest. The Guitar Scale Book contains arpeggio shapes suitable for use in all styles of lead guitar.

The complete scale reference book for lead guitarists: order your copy today!

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