Guitar Chords, Scales And Arpeggios Book

Guitar Command's Guitar Chords, Scales And Arpeggios: The Complete Guitar Reference Book was created to be the ultimate reference book for all guitarists.

It contains diagrams and information on a huge number of chords, scales and arpeggios, all presented in a clear, easily-accessible style.

Guitar Chords Scales Book Cover
Contains 100s Of Guitar Chord Diagrams For Beginners & Experts

The Complete Guitar Chords And Scales Book

Whether you're: a beginner learning basic chords; an rhythm guitarist who accompanies other musicians; a jazz guitarist wanting to know new ways of playing complex jazz chords; a songwriter needing some new sounds for inspiration; or a lead guitarist interested in exotic scales; this book has it all.

Also included is a large selection of arpeggio shapes for use in improvisation and practice.

What's In The Book?

Guitar Chords Section

Guitar Chords Section
Find the Chord You Need In The Quick Reference Section

• The Basic Chords section contains the first chords a beginner guitarist should learn.

• The Quick Reference Section allows you to find any common chord quickly and easily. Great for reading guitar chord parts!

• The comprehensive Movable Chords Section contains a large amount of chords covering every style of music. From basic folk songs to complex jazz progressions and everything inbetween.

Sample Guitar Chords Pages

Guitar Scales Section

Guitar Scales Pages
Find New Sounds In The Comprehensive Scales Section

This section contains a comprehensive collection of guitar scales, based on Guitar Command's popular Guitar Scales Chart eBook. Each scale is presented in notation and tab with a tonic note of C.

Multiple scale diagrams are provided for each scale shape. This allows the scale to be played all over the neck, and reflects how guitarists learn and use scales.

Information on each scale is also provided, including the scale spelling.

Guitar Scales Sample Pages

Guitar Arpeggios

This section contains widely-used arpeggios for improvisation, composition and practice. Most guitarists only solo with scales. If you know your arpeggios, you can add them to your improvised lines and stand out from the crowd.

The Complete Guitar Reference Book

Guitar Chords, Scales And Arpeggios: The Complete Guitar Reference Book contains the information you need to know: from basic chords and scales, right the way through to complex and exotic sounds for professionals. A must for rhythm and lead guitarists alike, this is a book that will accompany you throughout your career.

Contains: basic chords, movable chords, barre chords, chords for rock, pop, metal, folk, jazz and all other kinds of music, major scales, minor scales, blues scales, pentatonic scales, jazz scales, modes, exotic scales, a comprehensive arpeggio section and more.

Complete Guitar Reference Book
The Complete Guitar Reference Book

• For electric and acoustic guitarists.
• A huge selection of chords, scales and arpeggios for all styles of music
• Scales and arpeggios presented in tab, notation and diagram form
• No need to read music
• Designed to be the only guitar reference book you'll ever need

Prepare yourself for any musical situation with Guitar Chords, Scales And Arpeggios: The Complete Guitar Reference Book.

Available in bookstores worldwide. ISBN no. 978-0-9556566-6-8

8.5"x11", Glossy Cover, 82 Pages

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