Bass Scales Backing Tracks: Invent Bass Lines & Solos With New Scales!

Bass Scales Backing Tracks is an album of bass backing tracks produced to help you learn, compose, and improvise with bass scales.

Invent your own bass lines and perform bass solos. Improve your knowledge of bass scales. Add new sounds to your bass lines. Make the most of your practice time.

Learn Scales & Master The Fretboard: Bass Scales Jam Tracks For Bass Guitar

Guitar Command began life as a scale reference site. We’ve always stressed the importance of learning scales because we believe that having a good knowledge of the fretboard is a vital step towards achieving your potential as a bass guitarist.

We created the Bass Scales Backing Tracks album specifically to help bass guitarists learn and use scales.

Each track was specifically written to enable riff-building and improvisation using a particular scale.

All of the common and most useful scales have been covered, including major, harmonic minor, pentatonic, blues and Dorian scales.

  • Improve your knowledge of scales
  • Invent your own bass lines & licks using specific scales
  • Add new sounds to your bass guitar playing
  • 10 tracks, over 40 minutes of high-quality jamming

Bass Scales Backing Tracks Excerpts

You can hear samples of all tracks from Bass Scales Backing Tracks below:

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Bass Scales Backing Tracks is supplied in high-quality MP3 format and is playable on any MP3-compatible device or software media player (including phones and tablets, Windows media player, iTunes, portable MP3 players, etc.)

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