Bass Tabs MP3s – Download Audio Files To Accompany “Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs & Tunes”

Sample and download audio files to accompany Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs & Tunes.

On this page you can download the audio MP3 files that accompany the book Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs & Tunes.

Sample Tracks

You can hear a selection of songs from 'Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs & Tunes' below.

The following tracks are taken from the 'Songs' section of the book. Play-along backing tracks (without bass guitar) are also included on the MP3 album.

(Owners of the book can download the full album below.)

Download The Files

(Please note, that these files are made available only for owners of the book.)

Bass Tabs Free MP3 Album

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