Ultimate Bass Backing Tracks

Get serious about your playing. Prepare yourself for any musical situation. Practice and perfect multiple bass guitar styles.

Introducing … the Guitar Command Ultimate Bass Backing Tracks Bundle!

Ultimate Bass Backing Tracks Offer

The Ultimate Bass Backing Tracks Bundle contains FIVE high-quality bass backing tracks albums.

Download our Blues, Bass Scales and Metal backing tracks albums and receive Bass Modes and Blues Funk absolutely free!

Over 4 hours of jam tracks. Invent your own bass lines. Improvise bass solos. Play along with the pro band that is ready to jam 24/7!

Play blues, rock, metal and jazz styles. Learn scales and modes all over the neck. Learn to express yourself fully as a bass guitarist.

Buy 3 albums, get 2 free.

• Five albums containing over four hours of music.

• Together, these albums cover a wide range of musical styles.

• For ease of use the MP3 files are tagged and will appear as 5 separate albums in most players. You can always edit the tags at a later date if you want a single 'mega-album'!

• MP3 albums for immediate download.

The Ultimate Bass Backing Tracks Bundle contains the following albums:

• Blues Backing Tracks For Bass
• Bass Scales Backing Tracks
• Metal Backing Tracks For Bass
• (Free) Bass Modes Backing Tracks

• (Free) Blues Funk Backing Tracks For Bass

Join thousands of other guitarists all around the world who are using Guitar Command backing tracks to improve their playing.

Order the Ultimate Bass Backing Tracks Bundle now and be jamming within minutes.

Price of individual albums: £35.00

Offer Price: £21