Open Chords For Guitar: Diagrams For All Open Position Chords

Open Chords For Guitar

What Are Open Chords For Guitar?

Open chords are guitar chords that contain one or more of the guitar’s six open strings. Because open chords contain these unfretted, “open”, notes, they tend to sound brighter and sustain longer than barre chords, whose notes are all held down by the fretting hand. In addition, open chords are usually easier to play than barre chords because not all of their notes are fretted.

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Types Of Guitars: A Guide To Different Guitar Types For Beginners

Types of guitars

The main types of guitars are: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, and bass guitar. In addition, there are further varieties of each of these main types of guitar; for example, there are several different types of electric guitar, including “solid-body” and “semi-hollow” electric guitars.

On this page we take a look at the major types of guitars and the difference between these instruments from a beginner’s perspective.

We also compare how suitable each type of guitar is for various styles of music and playing styles…

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What Type Of Electric Guitar To Buy? Guitar Buying Advice For Beginners

What type of electric guitar to buy

When looking for a new electric guitar consider your budget and what type of music you play. Sold-body electric guitars are the most versatile type of electric guitar, and a Stratocaster-style instrument will serve you well in most circumstances, whatever type of music you play.

If you play hard rock or blues, then a Les Paul-style guitar will serve you equally as well. If jazz is your thing, then a semi-hollow / semi-acoustic electric guitar will probably be your instrument of choice.

Read on for more advice on what type of electric guitar to buy…

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Contemporary Jazz Guitarists: A List Of Exciting Young Jazz Guitarists

contemporary jazz guitarists

Contemporary jazz guitarists include Kurt Rosenwinkel, Gilad Hekselman, Julian Lage, Tom Misch, Mike Moreno and Lionel Loueke. These young jazz guitarists represent a new generation of musicians carrying on the jazz guitar tradition.

If you’ve listened to your favorite jazz guitar albums so many times that you can sing each solo note-perfect in your head and hear the first notes of the next song before it’s even started, then check out this guide to the new generation of jazz guitarists and their work…

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