Welcome To Guitar Command

Welcome To Guitar Command

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve recently changed the name of this site from ‘GuitarScales.info’ to ‘GuitarCommand.com‘. It’s always a big decision to change a website’s address – it presents a myriad of technical issues, as well as the more obvious marketing ones. However, despite having a few last minute panics, the move has gone smoothly, and we’d now like to welcome you to Guitar Command.

Telecaster Guitar Command

Telecaster Guitar Command

What’s New In Guitar Command?

• More emphasis on playing – more backing tracks, more chances to pick up a guitar and try out new techniques.

• More Guitar Scales – we’ve brought with us all of the old guitar scales information and lessons, and have added even more to the guitar scales reference section. Lots more interesting sounds to explore and incorporate into your improvisations.

• A Guitar Magazine section, for guitar reviews, news and regular techniques articles. All completely free.

• More high-quality guitar backing tracks and bass backing tracks. We’re a site predominantly about guitar improvisation, and jam tracks are a great resource for guitarists to improve technique and try out new ideas. Expect additions to our range to appear in the very near future.

Why Did We Change Names?

Basically, to set us apart from the crowd. There are lots of sites about guitar scales, and although we think we’re the best, a ubiquitous web address like ‘guitarscales’ tends not to stick in peoples’ minds, even if they’ve visited and gained information from the site on more than one occasion. With ‘GuitarCommand’, hopefully visitors will remember ‘the site where they got TAB for a pentatonic minor scale’ and will be able to tell their friends. With our ever-expanding range of guitar backing tracks also going by the name of ‘Guitar Command Backing Tracks’, it made sense to change the name of the site.

Spread The Word

There’s loads of info, loads of free stuff, there’s guitar stuff to watch and to buy. So, please, link to us, +1 us, use the share buttons, watch our YouTube vids, tell your friends, and contact us to let us know what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and what else we could be doing! Welcome to Guitar Command – The Leading Site For Guitar Improvisation!

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