Phrygian Dominant Guitar

Phrygian dominant guitar diagrams & TAB. The phrygian dominant scale produces a unique ‘Eastern’ sound. It is formed either by raising the third note of a phrygian modal scale, or by playing the fifth mode of a harmonic minor scale.

The phrygian dominant scale is also known as the Freygish scale (particularly when used in Hebrew music), the Spanish phrygian (or just Spanish) scale, or the major phrygian scale. It is very widely used in Middle Eastern music, and in flamenco. Recently, rock guitarists have adopted the scale, and it is frequently used in heavy metal solos when the guitarist wants an Eastern sound.

Phrygian Dominant Guitar Diagrams

Use the diagrams below to play the phrygian dominant scale on guitar.

Phrygian Dominant Guitar Diagram 1

Phrygian Dominant Guitar Diagram 2

Phrygian Dominant Guitar Diagram 3

Phrygian Dominant Guitar Diagram 4

Phrygian Dominant Guitar Diagram 5

Phrygian Dominant Guitar Tab

Below is the guitar Tab for an E phrygian dominant scale.

phrygian dominant tab

Phrygian Dominant Tab

Guitar Music TheoryPhrygian dominant scale theory

The notes in an E Phrygian dominant scale are: E, F, G#, A, B, C, D, E

As previously mentioned, the scale can be formed by playing the fifth mode of a harmonic minor scale. See this article for harmonic minor scale diagrams: Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar. Start any of the harmonic minor scale shapes on the fifth note of the scale and you will be playing a phrygian dominant scale (e.g. by starting a C harmonic minor scale on the fifth note (G), you would be playing a G Phrygian dominant scale).

The phrygian dominant scale can also be formed by raising the third degree of a standard phrygian modal scale. See this article for shapes: Phrygian Scale Guitar.

By playing an E Phrygian scale with a raised third note (i.e. a G# rather than a G), you will be playing an E Phrygian dominant scale.

The Phrygian dominant scale is one of those featured in Guitar Command’s ‘Guitar Scales Backing Tracks‘ album. Practise improvising with this and other common guitar scales over specially recorded jam tracks.

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