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best acoustic guitar under 300

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $300 2017 Roundup: Find your new acoustic guitar here!

What is the best acoustic guitar under 300 dollars in 2017? On this page we list 10 awesome acoustics that are well worth checking out in this price range.

In our attempt to find the best acoustic guitar under $300 we’ve compared best-selling lists and online reviews. The result of our research is the ultimate shopping list of sub $300 guitars to investigate.

Although it’s possible to spend a whole lot more on a new acoustic guitar, 300 dollars (or even less) can pick you up a decent instrument that will last for years. We hope this this list will inspire you to get playing in 2017!

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Best Jazz Guitar Albums

A List Of The Best Jazz Guitar Albums Ever Recorded

A list of the best jazz guitar albums ever recorded. We bring you a collection of essential albums by such luminaries as Reinhardt, Hall, Montgomery, Metheny and many other jazz guitar greats.

We couldn’t keep it to a top ten, and could quite easily have added more. However, the fifteen albums listed below represent for us the pinnacle of recorded jazz guitar.

The albums included in this list cover a wide range of styles; from laid-back jazz-funk to uplifting gypsy jazz. They are timeless recordings, sounding as fresh and inventive today as they did the day they were made.  Continue reading

Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

In this round-up we set out to find the best acoustic guitar amp for a range of potential buyers. We looked at great amps from Behringer, Fender and Fishman and compared features and reviews. If you’re an acoustic guitarist looking for the best amp in the low to upper-mid price range, read on to find out what we came up with …
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